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"We are committed to deliver unequaled, innovative logistics solutions to our community. Dedicated to human excellence, ensuring profitability for the greater good of all, we knowingly follow our values of honesty, truth, perseverance and corporate responsibility."



" My intention is to have a business that will help our community, by providing jobs and opportunities for success to those who may not appear to have a future."


"You will be working with staff that cares about each other, that want to contribute to our growth for the benefit of human growth, who believe anything is possible."

" We stand for Respect, integrity and the continual search for the truth."


          AJW Warehousing inc. was founded  by Anthony James Wattman ( Tony) in a large part on the principles of honesty, kindness, and personal responsibility. These values are encouraged through our Random Act of Kindness Policy, continuous improvement policies and continual personal growth opportunities.   http://kindnessinbusiness.blogspot.com http://helpothers.org ) Tony's vision understands diversity and vulnerability as a strength and seeks to bridge technology with real human interaction.

       Tony's experience in logistics and supply chain management began in 1975 with the Canadian Armed Forces. Working with the United nations in Egypt during the era of Mr. Anwar Sadat as a Supply Technician has helped shape Tony's vision and understanding.




        AJW Warehousing inc opened for business February 2005. Beginning with a warehouse of 7700 sq.ft., a delivery truck and a vision, Tony serviced his customers  himself. In August 2005 the first team member joined and by the end of 2006 operations had doubled to 16000+ square feet, two full time employees, upgraded delivery vehicles and cutting edge technology was added. In June of 2008 AJW doubled again in size to 28000+ square feet,  a secure gated compound, rail siding, production capacity plus many happy customers.





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