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AJW NEWS # 002

Consider we are living in very turbulent times where change is occuring at an ever alarming rate!

How can we compete in our Global economy?



" The Hispanic population in the US grew 91% between 1990 and 2005, surpassing the entire population of Canada? It is expected that by 2050 the Hispanic population will represent close to 25% of the entire US population."

How will this effect you? To view the complete report please find the attached file.


Moving our customers from "On Hold" to "On Line"

     The Internet is a communications platform. The power of the Internet is to make it easier for companies to communicate with their customers, their suppliers, their manufacturers at one time. It enables e-commerce. It enables customer-relationship management. It enables supply-chain management in ways that were never possible in the past, and at the same time this technology does not exist in a vacuum. It has to integrate with the business processes and the business systems that customers are already using.

We are pleased to provide direct customer access via browser to our warehouse data.

Our proprietary on-line management system allows visibility in your supply chain exposing the potential for integration with your suppliers and customers.

If you are a current customer and do not have a user identification and password, please contact askajw@ajwwarehousing.com to receive one.

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